Grandson of Super breeders “The New Schift” x “Miss Orhan 048”  and  “Little Hero”

2022   18th National Ace-Pigeon
2022  4th Golden Crack Marathon F.Z.N

6th NAT. Sect 1a Bergerac/Libourne`22 2.587 p.
10th NAT. Sect 1   Bergerac/Libourne`22   5.712 p.
20th Nationaal Bergerac/Libourne`22 12.018 p.

71th NAT. Sect 1a Dax`22 1.946 p.
222th NAT. Sect 1 Dax`22 4.798 p.

214th NAT. Sect 1a Bergerac/Hippodrome`22 4.873 p.
423th NAT. Sect 1 Bergerac/Hippodrome`22 9.770 p.

Super breeders “The New Schift” x “Miss Orhan 048”
(Gr) Parents of many TOP-100 pigeons

4th Libourne NPO`21
4th Bergerac NPO`22
8th Libourne NAT`21
10th Bergerac NAT`22
13th Bordeaux NPO`20
16th Bordeaux NPO`17
18th Bordeaux NPO`19
21th Bergerac NPO`20
23th Bordeaux NAT`20
26th Perigueu NPO`18
42th Agen NPO`16
45th Cahors NPO `19
50th Bordeaux NAT`19
58th Bergerac`20
73th Bergerac NPO`20
76th Agen NPO`19
76th Bordeaux NPO`20
82th Agen NAT`21
87th PerigiueuNAT’18
93th Agen NPO `19
94th Perigueu NPO’18
95th Cahors NPO`19
97th Agen NPO`18

“Little Hero”   TOP RACER
5th Agen NPO`19
18th Agen NAT`19
21th Bordeaux NPO`21
49th Bordeaux NAT`21
42th Perigueu NPO`18
58th Bordeaux NPO`19
96th Agen NPO`18
99th Agen NPO`21

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