Dax 2021

1th N.P.O   Afdeling Brabant-2000    1.369 p.

3th NAT    Sector 1                                 5.290 p.

6th NAT    Overall                                 11.124 p.


5th N.P.O  Afdeling Brabant-2000   3.188 p.

9th NAT.   Sector 1                              11.632 p.

47th NAT  Overall                               32.374 p.



78th   Bergerac  NPO`20

156th Agen         NPO`19

242th Cahors     NPO`19

352th Bordeaux NPO`20

408th St.Vincent NPO`21

Son of :     “The New Warrior” x “Miss Orhan 047”

( Gr.) Parents of :

3th Dax NAT`21 5.612 p.
11th Bergerac NPO`20  1.075 p.
11th Bordeaux NPO`21 2.307 p.
19th Bordeaux NPO`20  2.755 p.
21th Bergerac NPO`20  1.075 p.
21th Barcelona NAT`21 4.919 p.
23th Agen NPO`18  1.763 p.
24th Bordeaux NPO`20  2.755 p.
36th Bordeaux NPO`21 2.307 p.
36th Bordeaux NAT`20  10.637 p.
44th Bergerac NPO`19  2.431 p.
44th Bergerac NAT`20  4.194 p.
49th Bordeaux NAT`20  10.637 p.
51th Bordeaux NPO`20  2.755 p.
66th Agen NAT`18  6.379 p.
78th Dax NPO`18  1.309 p.
78th Bergerac NPO`20  2.496 p.
80th St.Vincent NPO`17  1.745 p.
84th Perigueu NPO`18  1.751 p.
84th Bergerac NAT`20  4.194 p.
85th Bergerac NPO`17  2.664 p.
88th Dax NPO`19  1.150 p.
91th Bergerac NPO`20  1.075 p.
92th Agen NPO`19  1.793 p.
99th St.Vincent NPO`18  1.588 p.
99th St.Vincent NPO`21 5.290 p.
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